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The Eagle Drone

The Product is mainly designed for upcoming military support and reduce Human efforts. It provides smooth and safe environment for Military people to operate during wars. It can also be used for Agriculture applications and fire extinguishers. Developed By: Tejas V M (1AM16CS186), Mouli (1AM16CS191), Sri Charan (1AM16CS174), Charlotte Jennifer (1AM16CS039), Sahana G N (1AM16CS051), Rohini S (1AM16CS142), Rohitha. P (1AM16CS143), Priyanka B (1AM16CS128)

The Industrial Arm

The Arduino is the main brain of the project which controls and regulates the whole function of the robot. The sensors embedded in the robot helps in increasing the efficiency and control of the robot. A personalized app is used to control the robot via Bluetooth in android device. A customized arm is used to carry and lift load with precision. The motors used in this project are controlled using motor drivers. It is a one-time investment that need very less maintenance and can work all the time without break. Even it can work at high temperatures and very low temperature

Developed By: Tejas V M (1AM16CS186), Mouli (1AM16CS191), Sri Charan (1AM16CS174), Charlotte Jennifer (1AM16CS039), Sahana G N (1AM16CS051), Rohini S (1AM16CS142), Rohitha. P (1AM16CS143), Priyanka B (1AM16CS128)

Tilted Face Detection

(Automated Attendance Management System using Improvements in Viola Jones Algorithm) Automatically marks attendance by capturing the Facial Images. Faces are detected from the captured image. Existing algorithm fails to recognize tilted faces. Improvements are made to existing algorithm to detect tilted face.

Developed by: Vignesh.N, Amrithaa L A, V Shivakumar

Guide: Prof. Devi Naveen

Year: 2017

Smart India Hackathon 2017

Team Aviation of Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, AMC Engineering College represented Karnataka in the Grand Finale of "SMART INDIA HACKATHON 2017" on April 1st and 2nd at Noida, an initiative by Govt. of India & Ministry of HRD. It is said to be the World's Biggest Digital Movement

Website for AICTE

The AICTE website was redesigned by the Aviation Team to make it more Interactive and attractive with numerous details which were found missing in the existing website

Chatbot embedded in the Website

The website developed was embedded with a chatbot which replaces a human interaction system by responding to the users to give an illusion that the users interact with Human representatives.

Developed by: Bharat Kumar N J, Dhanush Varanasi, Mohan Kumar B, Abhishek B, Vamsi Krishna, Ashwitha.

Guide: Prof. Arun Kumar

Year: 2017.

Android application for AMC Engineering College

This App will give the full day to day happening of our college which includes notifications, time table, calendar, notes etc. It is available in the Google Play Store named as AMCEC.

Developed by: Utkarsh Shekhar (1AM14CS221)

Guide: Dr. Sivasankari G G

Year: 2016

App Up

This is an App to gather news from various sources like Times of India, Economics Times and display customized news to users. It detects day and night time and modifies the brightness of the screen automatically.

Developed by: Utkarsh Shekhar (1AM14CS221)

Guide:Prof. Nandita Bangera

Year: 2017


Zreine uses many native device sensors like barometer, accelerometer, light sensor, magnetic sensor. The App takes care of Women Safety that if a woman shakes her phone automatically call and message will be sent to the respective person. Google Cloud Vision is also integrated where if u click any random pic it will search from the cloud engine and display u the result what it is.

Developed by: Utkarsh Shekhar (1AM14CS221)

Guide:Dr. Sivasankari G G

Year: 2017

App to Control Food Wastage

It is a Mobile Application for controlling food wastage. Food wasted from Parties & Marriage Functions are organized to be distributed to NGOs and Orphanages where the needy people are served. Restaurants are also interconnected to distribute the waste food to needy people. The shortage of food during Flood times in Bihar can be managed by evenly distributing food across the places. The Rewards and offer promotions modules are also available.

• The project is taken up by XKanda Technologies,205, Bluebell Esteem Park, JP Nagar 5th Phase, Bangalore- 560078 as the base Idea for their product and is commercialized as a Product to the benefit of the Society

Developed by: Utkarsh Shekhar (1AM14CS221), Amrit Prasad (1AM15CS018)

Guide:Prof. Nandita Bangera

Year: 2017

Forest Fire Detection System

The System uses Raspberry Pi, GSM shield and Heat sensor. It connects with NASA Satellite data through Android App and help us to fight FIRE from the database. The App was presented in the NASA Hackathon.

Developed by: Utkarsh Shekhar (1AM14CS221), Amrit Prasad (1AM15CS018)

Guide:Dr. S. Karthiprem

Year: 2016

Smartphone Controlled Wheel Chair

This project is a design of a smart, motorized, voice controlled wheelchair using embedded system. The design supports voice activation system for physically differently abled persons and old aged senior citizens incorporating manual operation. This is controlled by voice command and manual controls the movements of the wheelchair. The voice command and manual command is given through a cellular device having Bluetooth and the command is transferred and converted to string by the BT Voice Control for Arduino and is transferred to the Bluetooth Module HC-05 connected to the Arduino board for the control of the Wheelchair. This system was designed and developed to save cost, time and energy of the patient. Ultrasonic sensor is also made a part of the design and it helps to detect obstacles lying ahead in the way of the wheelchair that can hinder the passage of the wheelchair.

Developed By: Charlotte Philips(1AM16CS039), Sricharan.M(1AM16CS174), V.V.S.S Mouli(1AM16CS191), Tejas.V.M(1AM16CS186)

Guide: Dr. V Rajasekar

Year: 2016

Shopping by Blind People

(Detection of Interactions in Ambient Assisted Living Environments Using RFID)IOT technology is used to encourage the independence of impaired. When the person stands in front of a shelf the RFID detector will detect the tag and play the information about the item and also give navigation assistance to him enabling him to shop independently. The project was selected for the KSCST Student Project Proposal 40TH Series 2016-17.

Developed by: Anju (1AM13CS012), Bindu (1AM13CS027)

Guide: Prof. Asha S Manek Year: 2016


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