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Final year students of Civil Engineering Department, AMCEC gets KSCST Project Award for Water Security of Athinatham Village in 43rd Series of Student Project Programme- 2019-20 under Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology.101 Swamy Betta is 120km away Kannada Speaking Border Village in TN adopted by Civil Engg Dept of AMCEC under Centre for Global Environment and Ecofriendly Technology Applications(C-GEETA). Athinatham is our cluster village where AMCEC Civil Dept students have proposed Checkdam Construction with the help of TN Govt. It's on Kaveri Crater.

Collaboration and MOU's Signed by Department

MOU was signed between AMCEC and Prayojana on 10th April 2018.

MOU was signed between CIVIL department and Association Of Consulting Civil Engineers(ACCE)(India) - Bengaluru Centre, Karnataka, Olm4319 Dated 10th August 2016, on 14th October 2017.

MOU was signed between AMCEC and Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) on 13th August 2016

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