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Our department organizes FDPs on innovative teaching methodologies on a regular basis. Our department develops innovative teaching methods to suit the course which is as follows:

  • Design and Display of posters in Laboratories for effective and value-added teaching and delivery methodology.
  • The faculties are using multimedia elements such as Tabs and LCD projectors in the classroom. It will help the faculties to represent the content in a more meaningful way using different media elements.
  • Digital library: Students have access to a digital library of AMCEC. Digital contents can be read anywhere, anytime and help in quick access to relevant contents.
  • NPTEL and EDUSAT lecture videos are played for students for Content beyond Syllabus and for few challenging topics of the subject
  • The Department has a well-maintained Learning Management System (Pupil pod) where study Materials, Lecture notes, Lesson plans etc., are shared with the students. The LMS is integrated with the college website to enable students to share and utilize the shared materials from anywhere.
  • Industrial visit: Every semester, the industrial visit is organized by the department for the students. Each year, students are taken to different companies and by the end of the course; they would have got working ideas of various domains. Interested students are aided to visit the places with the help of interested faculties.
  • Expert lectures: Expert lectures are organized frequently to enable the students to follow the latest news in the course.
  • Self-learning assignments to inculcate concern for society, ethics, and environment. Students write assignments three times along with tests (CBCS scheme).
  • Quiz in the classroom is conducted course wise
  • Group Discussions are encouraged for a better understanding of the course
  • Technical & Soft-skill Training is provided by the Department exclusively for Placement which is incorporated in the Time-table.
  • To enhance the Job Opportunities in Foreign Countriesb German Language, Russian Language Class is conducted
  • Students are encouraged to do their final semester project in Industries.
  • Mini Projects are encouraged for lower semester, students and Project Exhibitions are organized every year in the Department.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in National level Project Exhibitions to exhibit their technical skills which build the confidence among the students to face the challenges and solve the real-world problem
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology): Creativity and problem-solving. An introduction to the world of information and technologies, and an opportunity to shape career pursuits.
  • Animations and video presentations: Animation and video presentations effectively communicate the working of actual engineering concepts.
  • Simulator based teaching: Some of the complex circuits are explained using simulation tool to analyze the output.


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