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AMC is centralized (Institute level) committee responsible for regulating and implementing different academic activities. It is meant for smooth & uniform conduction of academics throughout the institute. Committee Hierarchy; AMC is headed by Academic Coordinator along with department coordinator. The representative from each department acting as Departmental Academic Coordinator is the member of AMC. All coordinators are involved in monitoring process. Class teachers & Teacher Guardians are pillars of AMC. All Teachers are responsible for implementing the same.

    Committee Members

    Academic Monitoring Coordinators

    There are various activities involved to carry out smooth conduction of academics,

    • Time Table coordinator, Role: Prepare class timetable, remedial coaching time table.
    • Practical Exam coordinator, Role: Smooth conduction all University Practical/Oral Exam and mock exams.
    • Parent Teacher Meet coordinator, Role: To inform parent about meeting. Organize parent-teacher meet on given schedule and maintain information.
    • Feedback coordinator, Role: Take online faculty feedback twice per semester from students. As well as peer feedback from all faculties
    • Guest lecture coordinator, Role: Keep the record of all the guest/visiting/Expert lectures conducted in department and arrange required lectures for students.
    • Daily Attendance coordinator, Role: Make sure daily attendance reports of all classes get submitted on time.
    • Unit test coordinator, Role: Conduct two unit tests per semester and maintain information.
    • R&D coordinator, Role: Motivate students for research. Create opportunities to get sponsored research projects from industry.

    Monitoring Conduction of Lectures

    • Carry and follow the Lesson/Session Plan prepared.
    • Engage class for entire duration of 60 min.
    • Reach the classroom 2 min before the schedule. This sends a strong message to students regarding your commitment & makes them to come on time.
    • Allow latecomers to enter class, say only up to 10 min after scheduled time.
    • Keep the door closed while conducting L/T so that you can conduct class without interruptions.
    • Ensure writing on blackboard legible, large & neat.
    • Make restricted use of the PPTs (no more than 15 min in one Hour) this ensures student participation.
    • R&D coordinator, Role: Motivate students for research. Create opportunities to get sponsored research projects from industry.

    Conduction of Tutorials, Assignments

    • All the Assignments/Tutorials (i.e. numeric problems, software programs) to be solved by respective subject teachers in advance.
    • Make exhaustive list of problems for every assignment.
    • Minimize/Avoid - Describe, Compare and Explain type of questions.
    • Tutorial/Assignments are to be designed such that there is no repetition.
    • Each Tutorial/Assignment must have at least 5 questions.
    • Give Batch wise assignments per Unit.
    • Make extensive use of Standard books for this activity.

    Student Performance Improvement

    Extra Lectures

    • Identify week students and arrange extra lectures after college hours.
    • Arrange extra lectures for difficult subjects

    Remedial Coaching

    • Plan Remedial coaching for every subject and display time table on notice board
    • For every unit prepare question bank using University question papers with model answers.
    • Discuss Questions and answers with students in one lecture
    • Conduct unit test per unit based on that question bank. Let’s assume, if you have a question bank of 20 questions per unit then prepare a test paper with 8 questions and allow students to solve any five.
    • In this manner, conduct 2 lectures per unit. Likewise, 12 lectures for one subject.
    • Identify weak students on the basis of their overall performance and start remedial coaching during 1st month of each semester (before declaration of results).

    Experimental Preparation/Setup

    • Perform the experiment/ Program on your own to ensure setup is ready & functioning well.
    • Additions of set of practical assignments every semester with variations is mandatory.
    • All equipment’s should be tested, readings taken and calibrated.
    • Ensure lab manuals are updated before the start of every term.
    • The Experimental write up should be neatly typed. It should be error free, no typo mistake, grammatically correct and reviewed by HOD/Academic Committee/Peer review
    • Enrich your journals with FAQs on each experiment so that students become ready to face orals exams. Make students write the answers of these FAQs.
    • Add some innovation in practical assignments. Take help of seniors to ensure this.
    • Follow the standard template for Lab Manual Preparation. Keep the uniformity across the department.

    Lab Conduction

    • Complete practical & other assignment by students in the stipulated time of 2 Hrs. so that students (and you as well) need not carry the burden till the end of term.
    • Ensure the students perform experiments & complete the write up in these 120 min.
    • Avoid poor quality of submission by strict on time assessment.
    • Keep Journals in the custody of Lab assistants and ask the students to sit in the Labs for completing the journal, if not completed.
    • Printed journal writeups for subjects having University examination are prohibited.
    • Allow students to take program printouts only on dot matrix printer.

    Policy for Continuous Evaluation

    Unit Test

    • Conduct unit-wise class tests.
    • Prepare & make available a comprehensive question bank for each unit and/or experiment.
    • Refer previous years University question papers for making question bank.
    • Give the model answers for the questions.
    • The questions for the Unit Test should be from the question bank itself.
    • Keep records of performance of the students in class and in Unit Test.
    • Maintain a record of action taken on the results of the Unit Test for improvement (reappear/assignments).


    • Upload Unit wise assignments on G-apps.
    • Timely check the assignments & keep record for evaluation.
    • Conduct mock exam for lab practical.
    • Keep records of performance of the students.
    • Follow university pattern for the conduction of mock exam so student will easily face University examination.
    • Conduct oral in every lab session to ensure proper understanding by students.

    Group Discussion/Presentation

    • Arrange Quizzes, Group discussions, Questionnaire Sessions etc. for individual student.
    • Schedule student presentations on beyond syllabus topics.

    Policy for Monitoring Academics

    Responsibilities of Academic Coordinator

    • Maintain departmental Academic file.
    • Prepare departmental Academic Calendar.
    • Report 10 minutes before commencement of classes and wait in corridor to maintain discipline along with class teacher.
    • Make sure that daily attendance report of each class is filled properly before submitting.
    • Monitor work of class teacher & teacher guardian for smooth conduction of academics.
    • Conduct audit of course file, TG file & G-apps records twice in a semester (at the begging & at the end) and submit the report.
    • Conduct interdepartmental Audit per semester.
    • Observe lecture conduction of faculty member along with senior faculties.
    • Maintain discipline among staff & students.

    Responsibilities of Class Teacher

    • Maintain class teacher file.
    • Report 10 minutes before commencement of classes and wait in corridor to maintain discipline.
    • Adjustment of lectures and practical sessions in case of absenteeism of faculty members.
    • Preparation of monthly defaulter list with the help of assigned lab assistant.
    • Submission of daily attendance report.
    • Display monthly defaulter list at the end of each month & final detention list at the end of semester.
    • Monitor the attendance of each student and keep track of students who remain absent continuously and call their parent (involve Teacher Guardian of respective batch).
    • Check Student I-card daily and uniform on every Tuesday and Friday.
    • Take action on students who are using mobile phones in college campus.
    • Maintain overall discipline among students.

    Responsibilities of Teacher Guardian

    • Maintain Teacher guardian file in prescribed format.
    • Maintain batch wise student roll call list.
    • Keep contact details of students & parents.
    • Record of student Previous Semester Result.
    • Record of TG-Student meeting (Once in a month).
    • Provide information about students to the class teacher whenever required.
    • Student counseling whenever required.
    • Maintain record of monthly defaulter list.
    • Send letters to parent for parents meet.
    • Telephonic call record of defaulter students should be maintained.
    • Leave application form of students along with necessary documents should be kept.
    • Maintain record of monthly undertakings of defaulter students.
    • Maintain data of student’s achievements.
    • Maintain discipline among students.


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