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Disciplinary Committee

The Discipline Committee to create awareness against and to prevent any ill incidents taking place in the campus. It shall be the duty of the Discipline Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of UGC Regulations on curbing the Menace and Indiscipline behavior in the campus as well as to monitor and oversee the performance of the Disciplinary Squad in the prevention of in-disciplinary activity in the institution

With a view to pursue the prevalence of a healthy environment by regulating discipline among the students in the campus and to develop machinery to regulate the behavior of students it is considered necessary to constitute Students Disciplinary Committee

Accordingly, Students Disciplinary Committee is constituted to take cognizance of indiscipline and unruly behavior of students both in the College and in the Hostel by inflicting the penalties commensurate with the acts of misdemeanor by the students


    The committee plays a vital role in the Discipline maintenance in the campus. It plays a vital role in the Discipline maintenance in the campus. The committee shall take cognizance of the complaints or allegations received against the students. If the misdemeanor is minor, mild or moderate warranting admonition such cases could be dealt with at the individual level by the concerned HOD. Otherwise it shall be referred to the Students Disciplinary Committee

    Disciplinary Committee Squad


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