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Facilities - Laboratory Information

The department is well equipped with 6 laboratories. Laboratories are equipped with latest machines with high end configurations working in fully networked environment, using client server architecture. Each machine has full access to broadband internet highway. It provides excellent learning platform to both student and researcher staff alike. Students have exclusive one–to-one computing facilities through well-furnished separate Labs. The labs have 124 PCs with latest configurations running Windows as well as Linux. The laboratories are supported with softwares such as Oracle 9i, MS Visual Studio, MAT Lab, Microsoft word 2007, Netbeans, Ubuntu, MySQL, Eclipse, Apache Web Server and JDK.

System Programming Lab

The objective of the lab is to get exposed to the fundamental concepts of writing lexical & syntax analysis using LEX and YACC tools. The experiments include writing lex and yacc programs.

File Structures Lab

The objectives of the Lab are understand the principles and main techniques of file structure design and implement the main techniques of file structure design within a file system such as Sequential file B-tree, B+-tree, Hashing etc.

Computer networks Lab

In this laboratory students acquire skills of computer networking. They develop programs related to network programming and network communication. Simulator is used for the study of certain operations. NETSIM, NS2 is the present simulator used.

Algorithms Lab

The objective of this lab is to build a solid foundation in algorithms and their applications. Students will learn several fundamental principles of algorithm design: divide-and-conquer methods, graph algorithms, practical data structures (heaps, hash tables, search trees).


The objective of this lab is to develop the ability to design, implement and manipulate databases as well as to build Database management systems.

Web Programming Lab

This lab deals with designing of web pages using markup languages like XHTML, CSS, PHP, and MySql. It mainly concentrates on the development of web.

Electronics and Logic Design Lab

This laboratory enhances hands on experience of the students to design different electronic circuits with brade boards and with different active & passive components. Logic design experiments like decoders, multiplexes, counters, up & down counters are successfully verified. Pspiu& Link are two softwares used to simulate the above applications

Data structures Lab

Data Structure Lab provides in depth knowledge about different data structures that is used to store the data such as stacks, queues, linked list, trees etc.

Object Oriented Programming with C/C++ Lab

This lab explores object-oriented programming features such as encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

Department Library

The department maintains a Library for staff and students, which includes reference books, university question papers, seminar and project reports..


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