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Facilities - Laboratory Information

The department is well equipped with 12 laboratories. Laboratories are equipped with latest machines with high end configurations working in fully networked environment, using client server architecture. Each machine has full access to broadband internet highway. It provides excellent learning platform to both student and researcher staff alike. Students have exclusive one–to-one computing facilities through well-furnished separate Labs. The labs have 370 PCs with latest configurations running Windows as well as Linux. The laboratories are supported with software’s such as Oracle 9i, MS Visual Studio, MAT Lab, Microsoft word 2007, NetBeans, Ubuntu, MySQL, Eclipse, Apache Web Server and JDK.

ADE Lab / Microprocessors Lab

In ADE Lab Students can learn:

  • Analog Components and circuits including Operational Amplifier, Timer, etc.
  • Combinational logic circuits
  • Flip - Flops and their operations
  • Counters and Registers using Flip-Flops
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Sequential Circuits.
  • A/D and D/A Converters

In Microprocessors Lab Students:

  • Will provide practical exposure to the Students on Microprocessors, design and coding knowledge on 80x86 family/ARM.
  • Will gain the knowledge and practical exposure on connectivity and execute of interfacing devices with 8086/ARM kit like LED displays, Keyboards, DAC/ADC, and various other devices.

Data Structures with C/C++ / Design and Analysis of Algorithms

In Data Structures with C/C++ Student are able to:

  • Get practical experience in design, develop, implement, analyse and evaluation/testing
  • Asymptotic performance of Algorithms
  • Linear data structures and their Applications such as Stacks, Queues and Lists
  • Non-Linear Data Structures and their Applications such as Trees and Graphs
  • Sorting and Searching Algorithms

In Design and Analysis of Algorithms Students can:

  • Get practical experience in design, develop, implement, analyse and evaluation/testing of asymptotic performance of Algorithms.
  • Design and implement various algorithms in JAVA
  • Employ various design strategies for problem solving.
  • Measure and compare the performance of different algorithms.

Database Applications Lab/ Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab

In Database Applications Lab Student are able to:

  • Explain the principles of management, organization and entrepreneur.
  • Discuss on planning, staffing, ERP and their importance
  • Infer the importance of intellectual property rights and relate the institutional support

In Computer Graphics and Visualization Student are able to:

  • Demonstrate simple Algorithms using OpenGL Graphics Primitives and attributes.
  • Implementation of line drawing and clipping algorithms using OpenGL functions
  • Design and implementation of Algorithms Geometric transformations on both 2D and 3D objects.

Web Lab with mini project/ Hobby Projects

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • Design and develop static and dynamic web pages.
  • Familiarize with Client-Side Programming, ServerSide Programming and Active Server Pages.
  • Learn Database Connectivity to web applications.

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • Students will get exposure to new technologies
  • Learn to develop different projects by using different modern tools.
  • Understand the life cycle of Project development.

Computer Networks Lab/ System Software & Operating Systems Lab

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • Demonstrate operation of network and its management commands
  • Simulate and demonstrate the performance of GSM and CDMA
  • Implement data link layer and transport layer protocols.

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • To make students familiar with Lexical Analysis and Syntax Analysis phases of Compiler Design and implement programs on these phases using LEX & YACC tools and/or C/C++/Java ·
  • To enable students to learn different types of CPU scheduling algorithms used in operating system.
  • To make students able to implement memory management - Page replacement and deadlock handling algorithms

Project Lab

In this Lab Student:

  • Will learn multi learning technique to succeed, including research, logical deduction, and iterative learning.
  • Will learn problem solving technique.
  • Improve the interpersonal skills.
  • Learn to work in team and team management skills.

Computer Concepts and ‘C’ Programming Lab

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • To provide basic principles C Programming Language.
  • To provide design & develop of C Programming skills.
  • To provide practical exposures like designing flowcharts, algorithms, how to debug programs etc.

Research Lab

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • Will learn to use modern tools.
  • Will learn to enhance the skills for employment.
  • Will learn creative and critical thinking

M/C Learning Lab

In this Lab Student are able to:

  • Make use of Data sets in implementing the machine learning algorithms
  • Implement the machine learning concepts and algorithms in any suitable language of choice

Edusat Room

  • Utilizing for VTU web-based E-Learning facility, Webinar and Seminar.
  • To teach Curriculum Subjects
  • Utilizing by Faculties and Students of all the Department.

Department Library

  • The department maintains a Library for staff and students, which includes 900 Books are available. E-Journal facility also available. Around 580 CD’s of digital data and NPTEL videos are available.
  • Easy accessible, improve time management and benefit for students and staffs.
  • Utilized by Faculties and Students of CSE Department.
  • Instant Access to knowledge, Learning ethics, communication in social media, Easy understanding.


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