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Renewable Energy Club

Renewable energy club was inaugurated by Dr. G.N. Dayananda, Head & Chairman of the societal cluster at NAL, centre for social Missions & Special Technologies, NAL, Bengaluru on 29/09/16


To create awareness about Renewable Energy Sources and its benefits among students and staff and inculcate the usage of Renewable power to the organization.

Objective of the Renewable Energy Club

In order to create awareness about New & Renewable Sources of Energy (NRSE). AMCEC has decided to set-up "Renewable Energy Clubs" in the Campus. As the students of the Engineering Colleges we have scientific and technical background, hence it is easy for us to understand and appreciate the manufacturing, Working and benefits of using NRSE systems & devices. We the students can, in turn, become brand ambassador for propagating and promoting the use of Renewable Energy Sources by the public at large.


India is blessed with abundance of Renewable Energy Resources like Solar energy, Wind energy, Ocean energy etc. Renewable Energy Club was started for propagating and promoting the use of Renewable Energy Sources. It is the need for a common platform for students to come together and turn their concern into action, which brought the Renewable Energy Club into existence. A group of energy conscious students with the backing of the faculty decided to start a formal Club that would make energy awareness and action it’s priority and combine the ideas and concern of students across campus into tangible steps towards energy and sustainability and make a better place for our generations to live.


  • Seminars, workshops, lectures, quiz competitions, slogan competitions, poster and Essay competitions on Renewable Energy may be conducted for students of Engineering Colleges. These activities should be made mandatory on "Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas" celebrated on 20th August every year.
  • Educational visit to Renewable Energy formation Plant.
  • To identify the Renewable Energy opportunities in the institution and implement them through Renewable Energy projects and if required conduct energy audit through Govt. approved energy consultants.
  • To identify the schemes of Govt. subsidies and get sanction of them to get funds for execution of institution projects.
  • To provide the Renewable Energy projects for third year and final year students which will serve the purpose of institute project and student’s project.
  • Celebration of International SUN DAY
  • Installation of Renewable Energy source in the College campus.
  • Energy auditing in the college.

Activities Conducted

  • One day workshop program was conducted on “Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation for Sustainable Development” on 27th October 2017 by Dr. H. Naganagouda, Director, NTCST, KPC Ltd
  • National Science Day was celebrated by Renewable Energy Club, EEE Dept. AMCEC on 28th February 2017. Dr. Ramachandra, Dean was the chief guest.
  • Energy Conservation Club

    Energy conservation club was inaugurated in Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam seminar hall by Mr. Siddhartha Bhatt, Director, ERED, CPRI, Bengaluru on 31st August 2016. The aim of club is to find techniques and create solutions that allow better use of energy in non-intrusive way. The club also aims at exploring better uses of clean and renewable sources of energy.


    Energy conservation club is started with vision of “solving energy crisis for further development of the society”.


    The aim of club is to find techniques and create solutions that allow better use of energy in non-intrusive way. The club also aims at exploring better uses of clean and renewable sources of energy.


    We are facing global energy crisis. Majority of our energy is generated using fossil fuels which cause pollution and lead to global warming. Completely safe ways of using nuclear energy are yet to be discovered. There is power cut even in major cities for hours. Small villages get power only for few hours in a day. There is large demand for energy and in absence of immediate solutions for generating clean and safe energy, it is necessary to use energy generated from existing sources more judiciously. This requirement of using present energy sources more judiciously is main motivation for starting energy conservation club.


    Ideas that are being used or will be used by energy conservation club are:

    • Mark switches of lights which are sufficient to lit corridors; bathrooms etc. so that we do not switch on all lights and use only the ones which are more than enough.
    • Systems in workspace and teaching labs are configured to suspend/hibernate automatically when they are idle for some given duration.
    • Replace tube lights with CFLs wherever possible. For example, if tube lights are being used in corridors and in bathrooms then they are being replaced with CFLs which consume less power than tube lights and give good enough light for bathroom/corridor purposes.
    • Organize discussions with housekeeping, security, electricians, carpenter, plumber, etc. on energy conservation.
    • Organize movie shows for movies related to environment or energy conservation to increase awareness about the problem and to educate people on how we can prevent destruction of environment.
    • Collaborate with other organizations which have similar goals related to conservation of energy and protection of environment as our club.


    • Talks, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions and other awareness programmes are undertaken by these clubs every year to spread the message of energy conservation
    • To plan periodic events such as essay, slogan competitions, Painting competitions, street theatre, poster development, art, craft and other cultural and creative pursuits in the Energy conservation club
    • Club member’s help in better usage of energy by use of technologies like Wake on LAN (WOL), virtualization etc.
    • Increase awareness about techniques and methods of preserving energy in day to day use of lights, fans, air conditioners, geysers, water coolers, PCs etc. by both technical and social ways.
    • Increase use of solar devices and solve problems faced during their usage.
    • Find out about more efficient lights like LED, CFL lights and promote their use over normal tube lights.
    • Finding about rechargeable batteries and promoting their use over use and throw batteries. We promote usage of batteries that can be used in environmental friendly ways.
    • Promote use of bicycles and public transportation system over privately owned fuel powered vehicles.
    • With this Energy Conservation Club aims make energy efficient LED based products available in Hi-tech city area and increase awareness about them.

    Energy conservation club Poster

    Technical Painting competition conducted by the Energy Conservation Club on 4/4/2017.


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