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3 Days workshop was held on ‘IOT with Raspberry PI ’ by Mr. Kiran, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE, AMCEC from 1st to 5th FEB 2019.



3 Days Workshop on Angular 5 and Ionic 3 Frameworks2nd to 4th November 2018

Mr. Ankan Mukhopadhyay solution engineer from Oracle India giving training to students

Students during training session

Mr. Ankan Mukhopadhyay, Trainer(Right most),Ms. Arifa, Director Techninzaz(2nd from Right),Mr. Bineet Kumar Jha, Workshop Cordinator(Center),M. Poornachandra Tejas J and Tejashwini, Coordinator and Employee, Techninzaz (1st and 2nd from left)

Sumukh V Sem ISE (1st From Left),Performer of the day, With Collegue,Director, Trainer and coordinators Techninzaz, Bangalore

Prof. Mala B A attended workshop on “Computer Network Programming in JAVA and Network Simulator-2” from 10th to 12th August 2017 at SJBIT Bengaluru.

Mr. Prashanth Koparde (4th from Left), Asst. Prof of ISE Dept. attended 2-day workshop from 23/3/2018 to 24/3/2018 on ‘Mathematics for machine Learning and Introduction to Deep Learning’ organized by CIT, Gubbi.

Workshop held on Python with Machine Learning by Mr. Rakesh Kumar Khandelwal, Software Developer, Techninzaz from 23rd, 26th and 27th March, 2018

Workshop on NodeJS and Express JS Mr.Ankan Mukhopadhyay, Solution Engineer ORACLE India TECHNINZAZ on 18,19 & 26th August 2017.

Workshop on Advanced Software Testing Tools by Ananth Somayaji CEO and Developer An off-shoot of UniQval Software Solutions Pvt Ltd held on 09/04/2018.

Workshop held on Awareness of Entrepreneurship Education in India by Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar HOD Dept. of MBA AMCEC 16/02/2018.

Python workshop held by Ms. Anusha Software Developer Swish software Solutions on 9/2/2018

Two days workshop was held on ‘Edge and Cloud Computing’ on 15th, 16th March 2017. Mr. Sheth Kadir, MD (second from right), Mr. Ziaulhaq G (first from right), Ms. Sidhu R (center) resource persons from AND Technology, Bangalore.

Three days workshop was held on ‘Machine Learning’ on 11th, 12th, 18th March 2017. Mr. Poornapragna M S, CEO, AQUA-CAP software consultancies services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore with IV semester students.

Distributing certificates to students

Presentation on android application ‘CashRunnr’ by Mr. Prashanth Paliwal, Founder, Synnov Software Ltd. Bangalore

Faculties with students of ISE dept in the Presentation.

Three-day workshop on “IoT and Cloud Computing – The Coexistance” from 27, 28 & 29 October 2017 by ISM UNIV in Bangalore. Faculties of ISE dept. with resource person are seen.

Higher Education Awareness Program-by Mr. Rakesh, Overseas Education

Every Friday afternoon Bit Courses are conducted

Orientation Program of ISE department to 1st and 3rd sem students on 1st Aug 2016

Workshop conducted by ZenRays from 21st to 23rd October, 2016 by Mr.Sumit Kohli

Workshop on Android App Development was held on 5th, 6thand 7th November 2015 by Mr. Vinay Gowda from AtechTron, for student of V and VII semesters BE. Students were taught about Installation, development and Running Android App with SQLit and other Android Architecture.

Workshop on JAVA Platform was held on 8th,9th,13th and 14th October 2015 by Mr. Supreeth from AtechTron for student of V and VII semesters BE. Students were educated on OOPs concepts, Basics of JAVA, Introduction to Eclipse IDE.

Workshop on Cloud Computing was held on 2nd February 2015 to 7th February 2015 by Mr. B. M. Venkatesh from 3x3 Connect, Microsoft Partner, for student of VIII semesters BE. Students were trained on Web services, SQL database, Mobile services, Website creations, Virtualization, Hypervisor, CDM and Containers.

4. Workshop on Mobile App Development was held on 2nd February 2015 to 7th February 2015 by Mr. M. TrilokChoudharyfrom 3x3 Connect, Microsoft Partner, for student of VI semesters. Students were trained on Introduction to Dot net frameworks, Creating UI for mobile-windows phone, Handling UI interactions, Local database and cloud, Uses of hardware cameras and sensors

Workshop on Big-Data analysis using Tableau was held on 6 & 7 March 2014 by Mr. C. Selvaraju for student of M. Tech CNE and IT semesters. Students were skilled on Analysis of Big data using Tableau software.

Workshop on Exposure to Android applications was held on 22nd Nov, 2014 by Team Apps On Click-India Pvt Ltd, for student of Higher semesters and M.Tech Student. Students were taught basics about Android and iOS applications.

2 days Workshop on Wireles Technology and Simulation was held on by 13th& 14 th Dec 2012 by Industry Experts for student of Student of AMC EC. Students were taught on Network Simulator (NS2), Qualnet and Matlab.

Workshop on Workshop on Cyber Security Management was held on 12th April 2012 by Mr.Harjinder Singh Lallie From Warwick University, U.K for student higher semesters. Students were taught on basics of hacking, installing Kali Linux, using VirtualBox, DoS attacks, SQL injections and cracking Linux passwords.


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